Moskva Warship Sinking- 37 sailors dead, 100 Injured: Russian Media

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  • 02:23 PM, April 19, 2022
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Moskva Warship Sinking- 37 sailors dead, 100 Injured: Russian Media
Warship 'Moskva' being towed after suffering damage in the Black Sea: Image via Russian media

Despite Kremlin claims of a “full evacuation” of Russian warship ‘Moskva,’ there is growing evidence that dozens, perhaps hundreds, were killed or injured when the ship sank in the Black Sea on April 13-14.

 Russian ‘Independent’ publication, Meduza reported that 37 sailors died and 100 were wounded on the ill-fated ‘Moskva,’ citing a source in Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

It quoted the mother of a surviving sailor as stating that ‘roughly’ 40 sailors had died when the ship suffered a devastating explosion. Another publication, Moscow Times reported an unspecified number as missing and that family members of some missing sailors could not find details of their loved ones who were on board the ship.

Quoting Dmitry Shkrebets, father of one of the sailors who posted on ‘VK’ social network on Monday that three families had been in touch with him about lost relatives on the Moskva. "We were contacted by three families from Yalta, Alupka and St. Petersburg," Shkrebets wrote. "We need written answers to our questions about the location of our children.” The relatives of several other missing sailors confirmed to journalists Monday that they could not contact sailors who were onboard the Moskva. Some of the missing men were conscripts, with just a few months military experience."

Moskva Warship Sinking- 37 sailors dead, 100 Injured: Russian Media
Sailors of 'Moskva' participating in a remembrance parade. Russian MoD image

The Russian MoD held a parade of sailors who were rescued from the ship. Some Western media outlets counted between 190-200 participants. Officially, the Russian Navy is claiming all 500 on board the ship have been rescued.

Some observers are interpreting the display of a memorial ribbon at the Parade as indicative of the extent of devastation on board.

While the Russian MoD is stating that the ship suffered damage when ammunition exploded on board, Ukrainian government sources claimed that the ship suffered a direct hit from two Neptune anti-ship missiles fired from a ground-based mobile platform.

Unverified images on social media show a heavily damaged ‘Moskva’ being towed. The ship later sank in choppy waters in the Black sea.

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