Russian Su-35s Dominate Ukrainian Skies, Have Shot Down Enemy Aircraft, Drones

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  • 05:21 AM, June 22, 2022
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Russian Su-35s Dominate Ukrainian Skies, Have Shot Down Enemy Aircraft, Drones
Su-35 jet @Rosoboronexport

Russia says the Air Force’s Su-35 jets have dominated Ukrainian skies, effectively taking out enemy warplanes and drones.

State-owned Zvezda said Su-35 helped Russia control Ukrainian airspace, escort warplanes and destruct enemy air defense systems. Su-35s have reportedly shot down Ukrainian Su-27s, MiG-29s, Bayraktar -TB2 drones.

“Old Soviet aircraft MiG-29, Su-27, Su-24… Bayraktars prevail. All these are our air targets,” fighter pilot Ivan said.

The Russian pilot destroyed two air targets during the special operation. He noted that the “enemy has become more cautious.”

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“We met less often. The enemy has become more accurate. They understand that there is no superiority. To get it, you also need to be smart. Sometimes courage. The enemy is hiding behind the remaining air defense units,” Ivan said.

“Flying without fear is stupid. The enemy is cunning. You always have to be on the lookout. But it’s definitely not scary to fly on this plane,” the pilot added.

Rosoboronexport describes the Su-35 as the most powerful 4++ generation jet with the elements of the 5th generation. The multi-role supermaneuverable one-seat fighter is designed to engage air, ground threats and to counteract naval surface forces of an enemy, to destruct ground infrastructure objects as well as to conduct aerial surveillance.

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