Russia's Avtomatika Demos New Anti-drone Electronic Warfare System

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  • 03:42 PM, July 27, 2022
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Russia's Avtomatika Demos New Anti-drone Electronic Warfare System
Portable "Kupol-PRO" anti-drone Electronic warfare System @Avtomatika Company

Russia's Avtomatika concern together with JSC Rosoboronexport, demonstrated to representatives of foreign customers the operation of the recently developed Kupol and Pishchal-Pro anti-UAV systems.
The system can be used to protect critical infrastructure from unauthorized UAV flights, including from a swarm of drones used to collect and exchange intelligence information or strike.
The mobile system "Kupol" allows you to instantly create a protective hemisphere of radio suppression "impenetrable" for drones with a radius of at least 2 kilometers simultaneously in 10 frequency bands. This provides effective countermeasures to the intruder, regardless of the number and directions of the UAV flight, Avtomatika said in a release.

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Russia's Avtomatika Demos New Anti-drone Electronic Warfare System
Pishchal-Pro portable anti-UAV system

The Pishchal-Pro portable complex, one of the lightest on the market, is designed to suppress communication channels, control and navigation of drones at the location of an employee equipped with it. The product can be used to neutralize tactical reconnaissance and electronic warfare equipment based on UAVs, as well as vehicles for delivering explosives and prohibited substances to protected objects.
“Unmanned aerial vehicles are a real threat right now. The modern concept of using combat mini-UAVs is based on the architecture of the so-called "swarm", which allows for the joint combat use of UAV groups with the exchange of intelligence information and coordinated strike action.
"The line of countermeasures against drones developed by the Concern’s specialists makes it possible to effectively protect critical infrastructure facilities,” said Andrey Motorko , General Director of the Avtomatika Concern.

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