Ukrainians Seize Top Secret Electronic Warfare System Mounted on Su-30SM Aircraft

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  • 05:33 AM, September 17, 2022
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Ukrainians Seize Top Secret Electronic Warfare System Mounted on Su-30SM Aircraft
Khibiny-U EW complex fitted on Su-30SM jet

Ukraine’s military has got his hands on a secret electronic warfare complex, the Khibiny-U, fitted on Russian Su-30SM fighters.

The system was seized during a counter-offensive in the eastern and southern directions. The RTU 518-PSM "Regatta" container was found, which is part of the complex, Russian news outlet reported earlier this week.

The report does not mention how the EW system got into the hands of the Ukrainians.

RTU 518-PSM reportedly contains an active antenna for generating interference, while RTU 518-LSM1 is a passive receiver that detects electromagnetic spectrum emissions from enemy radars.

The complex is designed to interfere with enemy radars or missiles. "Khibiny-U" can indicate the false position of the aircraft in the air. RTU 518-PSM "Regatta", in turn, creates active interference so that enemy missiles cannot be directed at the aircraft.

The report said the complex is of particular value in industrial intelligence. “Surely the find will be interested in the United States.”

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