Russian Electronic Warfare Drones Upgraded to Disrupt GSM Signals

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  • 02:33 PM, October 19, 2022
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Russian Electronic Warfare Drones Upgraded to Disrupt GSM Signals
Orlan-10 UAV in Ukraine @Russia MoD

Russia’s Electronic Warfare (EW) drones have been upgraded to suppress GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) signals, defense ministry confirmed today.

The Leer-3 system is designed to disrupt GSM communication using radio interference transmitted from Orlan-10 drones. These UAVs are equipped with special signal transmitters that simulate GSM core network and counter the use of personal terminals. Such equipment allows blocking any devices in specific ranges.

Radio-electronic equipment of the system enables comprehensive and effective interference on a wide range of hostile radio-electronic and computer systems.

Leer-3 can help with reconnaissance by locating emitting terminals in GSM networks; and in the detection of subscriber devices (mobile phones, tablets and other communication systems). It also aids the military in plotting location of subscriber points on a digital map. Further, the system can transmit location data to artillery crews for target direction.

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