Ukraine Eyes Bulgarian Weapons Including S-300 Missile Systems, Su-25 and MiG-29 Jets

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  • 08:28 AM, November 7, 2022
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Ukraine Eyes Bulgarian Weapons Including S-300 Missile Systems, Su-25 and MiG-29 Jets
Bulgarian Su-25 @via open sources

Ukraine has requested Bulgaria to provide a number of Soviet-made weapons, including S-300 missile systems and combat jets.

Vitaly Moskalenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Bulgaria, said Kyiv had handed Sofia a list of more than 30 types of weapons that Ukraine would like to receive, including air defense weapons, artillery and ammunition.

“From the very beginning, we have asked Bulgaria for various types of armaments. In a list submitted to the Ministry of Defense, we have indicated more than 30 items, including means for air defense, which are most necessary now. As you know, because of the bombings and rocket attacks and drones, such a weapon is extremely necessary. S-300, as well as anti-aircraft missile complexes, installations. The issue of the supply of 152mm howitzers, self-propelled artillery installations, shells, mortars, etc., remains relevant,” Moskalenko said in his interview with Bulgarian National TV’s program “Speak Now.”

He added that Ukraine is also seeking helicopters and Su-25 and MiG-29 aircraft from Bulgaria.

“All the weapons that Bulgaria has had since the time of the USSR are absolutely necessary for us as well,” the official said.

Bulgaria’s parliament had opposed sending weapons to Ukraine in May. Last week, it greenlit the decision to start providing military and technical assistance to Ukraine. The proposal in the 240-member Assembly was approved on Thursday by 175 votes to 49, with one deputy abstaining. Within a month, the country’s government has to specify what military aid Bulgaria may provide to Ukraine.

It remains to be seen whether Bulgaria would provide Kyiv with heavy weapons. "As I have repeatedly said, it will not be possible for us to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons such as S-300 and C-125 anti-aircraft systems, Su-25 and Mig-29 warplanes,” Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov was quoted as saying by reports.

Bulgaria has 12 MiG-29 and three MiG-29UB fighter jets, but their condition is poor, reports Defense Express. At best, these planes will last until the end of 2023, and that is if Poland can help with engine repairs. The Air Force has from 3 to 8 Su-25 close air support jets, the actual technical condition of them is unknown.

The air defense forces of Bulgaria have at their disposal up to 400 anti-aircraft guns, including ZU-23-2 and ZSU-23-4 types, and 24 units of Strela-10 short-range anti-aircraft missile systems. It is also known about the presence of a certain number of S-75, S-125 and Kub complexes. The newest weapons are approximately eight units of the S-300PMU.

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