Bulgaria to Modernize L-39 Aircraft

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  • 08:15 AM, January 6, 2023
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Bulgaria to Modernize L-39 Aircraft
Bulgarian Air Force L-39 aircraft

Aero Vodochody will overhaul Bulgarian Air Force’s L-39 aircraft under a new contract signed recently.

Under the contract, an order has been placed for the overhaul of the first two L-39ZA aircraft, including two engines and the Safir auxiliary launch unit. LOM Praha, a strategic partner, will also work on the contract and will overhaul the AI-25TL engines.

Aero will start extensive overhaul and partial modernization work by the end of January when the aircraft will be delivered to the Vodokhod factory. According to the contract, the completion of the first aircraft is expected in 2024.

The plan is to fly the aircraft back to Bulgaria on their own. Other suppliers from the Czech Republic, who cooperate with Aero Vodochody, will also participate in the contract.

The contract also includes a partial modernization, mainly replacing the original Russian avionics with Western ones, thus modernizing navigation, communication, identification, and recording equipment. The overhaul itself will restore the aircraft to 7.5 years or 1,500 flight hours between overhauls.

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