EDGE’s ADSB Unveils 92m Corvette Design at LIMA 2023

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  • 11:56 AM, May 24, 2023
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EDGE’s ADSB Unveils 92m Corvette Design at LIMA 2023
92m Corvette Design @EDGE Group

EDGE entity Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) today announced the launch of a 92 metre Corvette, a fast and powerful vanguard vessel, which is designed by ADSB in the UAE.

The Abu Dhabi-based shipbuilder made the announcement at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 2023), being held in Malaysia until 27 May.

Designed, constructed and equipped to perform a wide range of coastal missions, the dynamic multi-domain vessel features a helicopter deck and hangar, capacity for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations, two rigid hull inflatable boats, various combat systems, electronic warfare (EW) systems, and a broad range of countermeasures. With stealth features and ballistic protection, it delivers advanced surveillance and safeguarding capabilities across air, surface and EW domains in the near-shore theatre.

Propelled by combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) engines, it achieves a top speed of 28 knots and an endurance of over 4,500nm at cruising speed.

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