Russia Finds ‘Large Arms Cache’ in Donetsk left behind by the Ukrainians

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  • 08:44 AM, June 14, 2023
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Russia Finds ‘Large Arms Cache’ in Donetsk left behind by the Ukrainians
M270 multiple-launch rocket system that UK has sent to Ukraine @UK MoD

Russian National Guard members have uncovered a large cache of arms and ammunition, left behind by the Ukrainian armed forces in Donetsk People’s Republic.

"The special unit of the Russian National Guard discovered over 70 anti-tank guided missiles, four MLRS rockets, three anti-tank missile launchers, 200 shells and mines, more than 70 hand grenades," the National Guard’s press service told government-owned TASS.

The members have also found three hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers and 230 rounds for them, a flamethrower, several guns, explosives and over 23,000 cartridges of various caliber in various caches.

This comes as President Vladimir Putin said Russian forces needed additional Kornet man-portable anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).

“When we began this conversation, we mentioned that the offensive unfolded in two directions, and several tanks have been destroyed by the aviation. Helicopters are very effective," he said. "Several armored vehicles and a tank were destroyed by the infantry using anti-tank weapons. Kornets work ideally, but we need more of them, and this will be done."

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