Advanced Radar Capabilities for RAF Eurofighter Typhoons

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  • 10:22 AM, July 4, 2023
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Advanced Radar Capabilities for RAF Eurofighter Typhoons
RAF Eurofighter Typhoon jets

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded BAE Systems a £870 million contract to deliver a new radar to enhance the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Typhoon fighter jet fleet and strengthen the aircraft’s control of the airspace whilst providing electronic warfare capabilities.

The contract, awarded by the Ministry of Defence to BAE Systems, will see further development of technology and integration work on the European Common Radar System (ECRS) Mk2 radar by BAE Systems and Leonardo UK. The work is expected to lead to initial flight testing in 2024.

BAE Systems leads the overall design, development, manufacture and upgrade of the Typhoon aircraft for the UK and Leonardo is the lead for the aircraft’s main sensing and survivability systems including its radar and defensive aids sub-system.

The contract is part of the UK Government announcement made in July 2022, to invest £2.35 billion in the continued technology advancements in Typhoon capabilities.

t. The RAF Typhoons are deployed alongside F-35B Lightning II to provide frontline capability for the UK.

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