Aselsan to Unveil MANPADS-Neutralizing Device for Helicopters at IDEF 2023

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  • 10:39 AM, July 17, 2023
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Aselsan to Unveil MANPADS-Neutralizing Device for Helicopters at IDEF 2023

Turkey’s Aselsan will unveil laser-based YILDIRIM-100 Directed Infrared Countermeasure System (DIRCM) for helicopters at the upcoming IDEF 2023 exhibition (July 25-28) in Istanbul.

DIRCM are a class of anti-missile systems produced to protect aircraft from infrared homing missiles, primarily MANPADS and similar simple systems.

YILDIRIM-100 works in integration with different missile warning systems and flare shooters on the platform. Equipped with a precision gimbal, its turret sends high-power laser energy to an approaching guided missile, dulling the seeker's head and deflecting the missile.

YILDIRIM-100 has a double turret configuration and each turret uses a synchronized, multi-band directed laser against heat-guided missiles thanks to its Precision Tracking Unit and Laser Unit capable of producing high-power lasers.

The system also includes a Control Unit that manages the DIRCM system and communicates with the missile warning system.

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