Su-30 Manufacturer, Irkut Corporation Rebranded as 'Yakovlev'

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  • 07:14 AM, July 27, 2023
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Su-30 Manufacturer, Irkut Corporation Rebranded as 'Yakovlev'

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) set into action plans to rebrand Irkut Corporation as Yakovlev.

Yakovlev Design Bureau has been part of the Irkut Corporation since 2004, but now the entire company will bear the name of A.S. Yakovlev.

The decision to go ahead with the rebranding was made taking into account the growth of the company's geography and competence in the field of civil aviation in recent years. All corporate renaming procedures will be completed in August this year, state-owned Rostec said in an official statement.

“Against the backdrop of the departure of Boeing and Airbus, we are overcoming our dependence on imports and are aiming to fully equip our airlines with domestic aircraft comparable in quality, reliability, and other characteristics to world-famous aircraft. By 2030, UAC enterprises are to supply about 500 civil aircraft to Russian airlines. The main burden falls on Irkut, where 142 regional SSJ-NEWs and 270 MS-21s will be produced. Today, the MC-21 and Superjet-NEW programs, one might say, have reached the finish line. Already next year, we will begin the first deliveries of passenger liners in a completely import-substituted form - with domestic systems, engines, and other units. The supplier of the new aircraft will be a company with a new name,” Rostec said.

Irkut Corporation employs more than 20,000 people and has produced over 8,000 aircraft to date. It has experience working with suppliers, marketing, sales and maintenance of civil aircraft. Today, these competencies are used, among other things, for other projects of the UAC Civil Aviation Division, such as the Il-114 and Tu-214.

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