Russian Helicopters to Showcase Upgraded Ka-226T Helicopter at ARMY-2023

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  • 05:14 AM, August 12, 2023
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Russian Helicopters to Showcase Upgraded Ka-226T Helicopter at ARMY-2023
Ka-226T light, twin-engine multi-role helicopter @Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters will showcase at the ARMY-2023 Forum an upgraded version of the Ka-226T multi-purpose helicopter built using lighter materials and which comes with increased range.

In an official release, the company said the upgraded aircraft is adapted for flights in the mountains and over the water surface. Lightweight materials are used in the fuselage of the helicopter, and a crash-resistant fuel system is installed. The helicopter is equipped with a new set of flight-navigation and radio communication equipment, which reduces the workload on pilots and improves aircraft controllability. In addition, due to the increase in the volume of fuel tanks, the flight range of the machine has increased.

The first and only certified domestic helicopter UAV “BAS-200” will also be on display. This aircraft can be used to perform a variety of tasks: visual and radar monitoring, relaying information, in search and rescue operations, as well as for the delivery of goods. BAS-200 includes two helicopter-type aircraft, a ground control station and a container for transporting aircraft. Pre-flight preparation lasts about 10 minutes. Unmanned helicopters can stay in the air for up to 4 hours, and the range, subject to signal transmission from station to station, can reach up to 400 km.

At the Kubinka airfield, it will be possible to get acquainted with the latest modification of the Ka-32A11M fire-fighting helicopter. The helicopter can be equipped with a domestically developed SP-32 fire extinguishing system. Electric heating provides the ability to fight fire even at low temperatures. The tank holds 4 tons of water, which are collected from the reservoir in 60 seconds.

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