Russia Creates Internet-of-Things Network to Connect Weapons, Manufacturing Facilities

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  • 04:37 AM, September 2, 2023
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Russia Creates Internet-of-Things Network to Connect Weapons, Manufacturing Facilities

Russia's Rostec has developed an Internet-of-Things (IoT)-based platform to connect weapons, users, and manufacturing facilities for real-time performance monitoring.

On Friday, Rostec announced that the IT solution, based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), was developed by its subsidiary Ruselectronics. This solution allows users to monitor the status of weapons, special equipment, military facilities—ranging from ships and vehicles to hospitals and garrisons—and also create their digital twins. Implementing this system will enhance the efficiency of military equipment and structures' operations and improve decision-making efficiency.

The solution is a new module of the IIoT.Istok Industrial Internet of Things digital platform, created by specialists from Istok Research and Production Enterprise, named after V.I. Shokin, within the Ruselectronics holding—IIoT.Istok.Military. This software collects data from sensors integrated into the equipment and transmits it to the control center.

This module enables the organization of a monitoring and control system for technical processes and the creation of digital twins for weapons, special equipment, engineering infrastructure, or technological installations. By collecting and processing vast amounts of data, this solution provides transparency in equipment operation, identifies operational trends, predicts equipment conditions, and plans maintenance.

"The Industrial Internet of Things platform will enable real-time monitoring of various equipment, thus enhancing the safety and reliability of military equipment and structures' operations, information availability and reliability, as well as decision-making efficiency. Currently, we have developed a prototype of the new module, and in the future, the system will cover almost all tasks related to the daily activities of the armed forces and the life cycle management of military equipment," said Vitaly Alexandrov, the Director for Digital Transformation of NPP Istok im. Shokina.

IIoT.Istok is registered as Russian software with the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation.

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