Russian firm Delivers Fresh Shipment of BMP-3 IFVs to Armed Forces

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  • 04:41 AM, September 9, 2023
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Russian firm Delivers Fresh Shipment of BMP-3 IFVs to Armed Forces
BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle

PJSC Kurganmashzavod, a part of the High-Precision Complexes holding company in Russia, has delivered a fresh shipment of brand-new BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles to the Russian Ministry of Defense, along with upgraded BMP-3 units.

In the first eight months of this year, Kurganmashzavod, including the Volgograd site, has already surpassed its 2022 annual production volume of military vehicles by an impressive 120%.

Each BMP-3 unit now incorporates additional protection kits (ADS), such as grilles and armored screens, with production rates increased by 30 times compared to the previous year. These ADS kits are not only integrated into serial vehicles but are also supplied separately as part of the State Defense Order.

Furthermore, Kurganmashzavod consistently ships specialized products monthly for various purposes.

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