Turkish Shipyard Delivers PNS Babur, Pakistan's Most Modern Warship

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  • 02:06 PM, September 24, 2023
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Turkish Shipyard Delivers PNS Babur, Pakistan's Most Modern Warship
PNS Babur delivery ceremony

PNS Babur the first ship built under Turkey's MİLGEM Project, was delivered to the Pakistan Navy today at the Istanbul Shipyard Command.

Pakistan MİLGEM Project, includes the production of 4 MİLGEM ADA Class Corvettes for the Pakistan Navy. Two of the four Corvettes are being built at the Istanbul Shipyard Command in Turkey, and 2 at the Karachi Shipyard in Pakistan.

The other 3 ships are aimed to be delivered 6 months apart. PNS KAIBAR Corvette, the third ship of the series and built at Istanbul Shipyard Command, will be delivered to the Pakistan Navy this time next year.

The last corvette will be delivered in Karachi in 2025 to the Pakistan Navy.

MİLGEM corvettes are designed to perform surface, air and submarine defense warfare, reconnaissance and surveillance, defense against asymmetric threats and command and control missions.

The ship's overall length is 99 and a half meters and its maximum width is 14.4 meters. With a displacement of 2,400 tons and a draft of 3.9 meters, it is capable of speeding up to 29 knots per hour with two diesel engines and a gas turbine. It can accommodate a 10 -ton helicopter.

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