Japan to Provide Coastal Security Radars to Philippines

Japan has earmarked a PHP235.5 million grant for coastal radars.
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  • 06:02 AM, November 6, 2023
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Japan to Provide Coastal Security Radars to Philippines
TPS-P80ME Coastal Surveillance Radar @Mitsubishi. For representation only.

In a pivotal move to enhance regional security and deepen bilateral ties, Japan has committed to providing the Philippines with coastal surveillance radars.

This announcement coincides with the unveiling of a planned reciprocal access agreement (RAA), which aims to solidify the partnership between the two nations.

The National Security Adviser (NSA) of the Philippines, Eduardo Año, revealed the significance of the proposed RAA, stating, "The RAA will streamline procedures and establish guidelines for Philippine forces visiting Japan for training and joint exercises, and vice versa." Año's statement was issued via a press release on Sunday night.

Japan's support in supplying coastal surveillance radars is channeled through the Official Security Assistance (OSA) program. Earlier, on November 4, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr., disclosed that a grant of PHP235.5 million (approx. $4 million) from Japan would be allocated to bolster coastal radar systems, ultimately enhancing the military's capabilities in safeguarding the extensive Philippine coastlines.

In a statement, Gen. Brawner emphasized the significance of these coastal radar systems, which are funded through the OSA program. He stated, "The coastal radar systems, funded through the OSA program, are a vital addition to the AFP's maritime defense capabilities and will bolster our ability to monitor and protect our extensive coastline, ensuring the safety and security of our seas."

The grant, amounting to 600 million Japanese yen, is a part of the Japanese government's Official Security Assistance (OSA) program.

Eduardo Año, the NSA, expressed the Philippines' gratitude for being the first beneficiary of this program, emphasizing its alignment with their efforts to enhance maritime domain awareness, maintain regional stability, and uphold the rules-based international order.

Año also underscored the ongoing trilateral cooperation between Japan, the Philippines, and the United States as a vital factor in securing the freedom of the seas in the West Philippine Sea and promoting international law. He noted that Japan's support, which includes equipment, technology cooperation, and patrol vessels, will further strengthen the Philippines' maritime law enforcement capabilities.

Año said the Philippine government is looking forward to the negotiations and implementation of these agreements and initiatives.

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