Ruselectronics Reveals Wearable Air Defense Control System at Dubai Airshow 2023

Previously, the complex was manufactured in a frame-modular version for installation on a vehicle base
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  • 05:56 AM, November 15, 2023
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Ruselectronics Reveals Wearable Air Defense Control System at Dubai Airshow 2023

Rostec-owned Ruselectronics has introduced a wearable version of its air defense control system at Dubai Airshow 2023.

The system was showcased at the Rosoboronexport stand and developed by Penza Radiozavod.

Traditionally designed in a frame-modular version for installation on a vehicle base, the new wearable iteration comprises an Automated Control Module (ACM) and an Individual Automation Kit (IKA). The ACM is tailored for the unit commander of anti-aircraft gunners, while the IKA is designed for fighters equipped with portable anti-aircraft systems or small arms. Notably, the upgraded system now includes capabilities for controlling anti-drone measures.

The ACM incorporates a laptop or tablet with specialized software, navigation tools, and wired and wireless communication equipment. This module facilitates coordination among anti-aircraft gunners, simultaneously overseeing nine gunners or four platoons of MANPADS gunners. Its impressive functionality allows for tracking up to one hundred targets, receiving real-time information from subordinate IKAs about combat operations and ammunition status. The ACM can issue target designation commands and automate the adjustment of ground-based anti-aircraft gunners.

The custom IKA comprises a tablet, safety glasses with a built-in microdisplay for target visualization, and essential radio communications and navigation equipment. This kit enables preliminary guidance of the shooter's weapons at an air target, responding to commands and target designations from the unit commander.

This modernized air defense control system has been integrated into the latest Russian complex product, featured by Rosoboronexport at Dubai Airshow 2023. The complex is capable of detecting, suppressing, or destroying various modern small-sized FPV drones, quadcopters, and aircraft-type drones on the battlefield.

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