Chinese PLA Conduct Live-fire Drills Along Border with Myanmar

China's responsibility to ensure border security and safeguard lives and property in border areas: PLA
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  • 05:46 AM, November 27, 2023
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Chinese PLA Conduct Live-fire Drills Along Border with Myanmar
Chinese vehicle-mounted howitzer fires at mock targets during a live-fire training exercise in Nov. 2023 @File Photo

Amidst clashes between the Myanmar junta and rebel forces, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) commenced week-long live-fire drills starting Saturday.

According to a statement from the PLA's Southern Theatre Command, the drills started at 9 am on Saturday in southeastern Yunnan province and will last for a few days.

Different task forces will work together in a series of missions including border control and the launching of precise strikes.

“Armed conflicts have been taking place recently in Myanmar, leading to casualties and complicating the security situation. It is the responsibility of the PLA to safeguard border security and protect the lives and property of people living in the border areas,” the official newspaper of the Chinese military, PLA Daily, reported.

The military said these live-fire drills are aimed at testing the mobility, border control abilities and firepower capabilities of the military units so that the People's Liberation Army is ready for any emergency.

Senior Colonel Tian Junli, a spokesman for the command, said on Saturday that the live-fire drills are being carried out in accordance with the annual training plan.

China and Myanmar share a border of more than 2,000 kilometers. China is highly concerned about the conflicts in Myanmar and has urged all sides to cease fire and start peaceful dialogues to prevent the situation from escalating further, the PLA Daily said.

It added that stability along the China-Myanmar border is important to safeguard the livelihood of people from both countries.

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