Philippines Supply Ships Reinforced with Hardshell to Resist Chinese Water Cannons

June 20, 2024 @ 08:36 AM

The Philippine Navy (PN) has reinforced its supply ships with a protective cover to resist water cannon assaults...

China to Manufacture More of Nuclear-powered Submarines over Conventional Ones

June 19, 2024 @ 08:52 AM

China has shifted its submarine manufacturing focus towards nuclear-powered vessels, prioritizing them over conventional diesel-electric propulsion. “The force is...

Eye on China, Australia's 'Pitch Black' Exercise to be Biggest Ever in 43 Years

June 18, 2024 @ 08:15 AM

The 2024 'Pitch Black' exercise will involve 440 aircraft from 20 nations, with first-time participation from Italy, the...

Fighter Jets Seen on Chinese Fujian Carrier During Second Sea Trial

June 13, 2024 @ 10:01 AM

Fighter jets were seen on the deck of the Chinese Fujian aircraft carrier during its second sea trial...

China, Netherlands Trade Charges over East China Sea Warship Incident

June 11, 2024 @ 06:56 AM

A naval incident in the South China Sea has sparked a diplomatic standoff between China and the Netherlands,...


China Deploying Biomimetic Submersibles that Imitate Manta Rays in South China Sea

June 11, 2024 @ 05:40 AM

China has commenced the deployment of a series of biomimetic submersibles designed to imitate the movement of manta...

Chinese Authorities Accuse Philippine Navy of Damaging Fishing Nets

June 5, 2024 @ 05:55 AM

Chinese authorities have accused personnel from the Philippine navy transport ship, the Sierra Madre, of repeatedly damaging Chinese...

China Working on New-Gen Warplane as Successor to J-20

June 3, 2024 @ 06:17 AM

China is actively working on a next generation fighter jet to succeed its J-20 stealth fighter, which is...

Safran Receives Certification for AW189K Helicopter’s Aneto-1K Engine from China

May 29, 2024 @ 06:43 AM

Safran Helicopter Engines has received certification of its Aneto-1K engine by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). This...

Asia's Largest and China's First Vertical High-Altitude Simulation Test Stand Completes Ignition Test

May 18, 2024 @ 04:13 AM

Asia's largest and China's first vertical high-altitude simulation test stand for rocket engines completed an ignition test in...

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