Hensoldt, RAFAEL to Develop Jamming System to Protect Vessels

"Kalaetron Attack" and "Digital Shark" neutralize radar-guided threats
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  • 05:46 AM, November 28, 2023
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Hensoldt, RAFAEL to Develop Jamming System to Protect Vessels
Launch of a C-GEM decoy system @Rafael

HENSOLDT, in collaboration with RAFAEL, is advancing its "Kalaetron Attack" jamming system for deployment on naval vessels, showcasing its efficacy in neutralizing air defense radars during test campaigns.

On November 27, HENSOLDT said it has initiated a collaboration with RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, Haifa/Israel, to develop electronic protection capabilities for naval vessels. The joint effort aims to provide an electronic countermeasures (ECM) system, based on RAFAEL's Digital Shark ECM system and C-GEM decoy system, initially targeting German naval vessels.

"Radar-guided weapons pose a threat to naval vessels at sea and in the air," states Roland Castor, Head of Airborne Electronic Warfare at HENSOLDT. "Drawing from our experience with the Kalaetron Attack, we're addressing the German Navy's need for enhanced self-protection capabilities."

The Kalaetron Attack jamming system is part of HENSOLDT's fully digital 'Kalaetron' product family, utilized in diverse forms for self-protection and signal intelligence systems by the German Armed Forces. Featuring cognitive elements of artificial intelligence, key components include a fully digitized, broadband sensor, and an electronically controllable jammer. This setup enables the rapid detection of a broad spectrum of threats, countered with precision.

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