Chinese Navy Asserts Claim over "Territorial Sea" in Promotional Video

"No one is allowed to encroach upon China's territorial sea, not even an inch": PLA-N
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  • 07:22 AM, December 8, 2023
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Chinese Navy Asserts Claim over

In a first, the Chinese People’s Republic of Army (PLA) Navy has released a promotional video asserting its claim over what it calls its "territorial sea."

Previous PLA-N promotional videos, intended to attract talent to take jobs in the navy, have emphasised on equipment such as carrier based fighter jets and warships. It also used the promotional video to announce the induction or development of new fighter jets, missiles and warships.

This time the focus is on jingoistic assertion that the seas surrounding the Chinese mainland such as the South China Sea and the Taiwan Straits are part of China's territory.

International law recognizes exclusive maritime zones- a small area streatching into the sea - and not the whole sea itself comprising thousands of miles which is shared by other countries too.

The Network Department of the Chinese PLA News Media Center produced and released the bilingual short video clip Always Ready

"No one is allowed to encroach upon China's territorial sea, not even an inch! China's territorial sea brooks no encroachment. The Chinese PLA Navy has the resolve, confidence and ability to expel all incoming enemies!” the Navy asserted.

Chinese Navy Asserts Claim over
Mischief Islands, South China Sea which is claimed by China

The video release comes amid ongoing accusations by the Philippines of intrusion into its waters and interference with vessels and activities at a disputed shoal in the South China Sea. The shoal, situated 200 km off the Philippines, was a focal point of Manila's arbitration claim in 2016, where an international tribunal ruled against Beijing's claim to 90% of the South China Sea. Despite the ruling, China has consistently rejected its recognition.

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