Russians Reprogramming Captured Ukrainian Starlink-Controlled Baba Yaga Drones

Operating through the Starlink satellite network, these UAVs have proven elusive, with untraceable operators, complicating efforts to neutralize the threat.
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  • 05:37 AM, December 28, 2023
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Russians Reprogramming Captured Ukrainian Starlink-Controlled Baba Yaga Drones
Baba Yaga hexacopter drone captured by the Russians @Russian state media

The Russian Armed Forces successfully downed a Ukrainian Baba Yaga hexacopter drone, known for its deployment of large-caliber mines, and subsequently reprogrammed the captured UAV.

The UAV, controlled through the Starlink satellite network, posed a significant challenge to Russian forces due to its elusive nature and untraceable operators.

The operation involved the use of an anti-drone gun to disrupt the Baba Yaga's control signal, rendering it immobile. Subsequent precision strikes with a Kalashnikov machine gun facilitated the capture of the disabled drone, which is now exhibited in the Russian military unit's museum.

Russian specialists have reprogrammed the captured Baba Yaga drones and incorporated them into the Russian Armed Forces' arsenal, reported. This development highlights the dynamic nature of technological warfare and the adaptability of military strategies in the ongoing conflict.

Originally designed for agricultural purposes such as field irrigation, the Baba Yaga drone has taken on a more ominous role in the conflict. Capable of carrying up to four mines and equipped with a thermal imager for battlefield reconnaissance, the drone has proven resistant to electronic warfare, requiring manual intervention for its destruction.

The use of captured technology to enhance military capabilities marks a surprising turn in the conflict, potentially reshaping its dynamics. Personnel involved in the successful interception of a Baba Yaga drone have been promised up to ten days of vacation, underscoring the strategic importance of countering these formidable UAVs.

Baba Yaga, equipped with an infrared camera and a 33-pound rocket warhead, remains active in the conflict. Operating primarily at night and strategically hovering over encampments, the drone poses challenges to Russian forces in the Krynky region, ensuring local air superiority and limiting safe approaches or retreats.

Despite operational limitations, including occasional blind drops of warheads due to limited visibility through dense tree canopies, the Ukrainian drone has effectively countered Russian electronic warfare equipment. The conflict continues to witness a technological chess match as both sides adapt and innovate in response to evolving threats on the battlefield.

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