Turkey’s ANKA-3 Combat Drone Performs Maiden Flight

Anka-3 surpasses speed and payload capacity of TAI's other UAVs- Aksungur and older Anka variants
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  • 09:40 AM, December 28, 2023
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Turkey’s ANKA-3 Combat Drone Performs Maiden Flight
ANKA-3 Combat Drone

The Anka-3 combat drone, developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), completed its maiden flight this morning.

The first prototype's structural assembly was finalized in January 2023, showcasing a maximum takeoff weight of 6,500 kilograms (14,330 pounds) and a payload capacity of 1,200 kilograms (2,646 pounds). Its capabilities include a maximum altitude of 40,000 feet, a 10-hour endurance at 30,000 feet, a cruise speed of 250 knots (288 mph), and a top speed of 425 knots (489 mph).

The Anka-3 surpasses the speed and payload capacity of TAI's other UAVs, namely the Aksungur and older Anka variants. Notable features include the incorporation of orange-colored drones, potentially repurposed Simsek target drones serving as loitering munitions. Details regarding the Anka-3's weapons portfolio and sensors remain undisclosed, but expectations include both internal and external weapons stations.

TAI's primary focus for the drone's development lies in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, deep-strike operations, and the destruction or suppression of enemy air defenses. Sharing avionic architecture and ground control stations with its predecessors, the Anka-3 emphasizes low radar visibility for covert operations. Its high-speed transfer capability allows swift deployment to remote areas. The drone's versatility is highlighted by its ability to carry various payloads, weighing up to 6,500 kilograms.

The system features Line-of-Sight/Beyond-Line-of-Sight (Satellite Control) capabilities for efficient communication and control. Designed for air-ground suppression, destruction of enemy air defenses, intelligence-reconnaissance-observation, and electronic warfare, the Anka-3 integrates internal weapon stations and external attachments. Among the outer station options are general-purpose bombs equipped with TEBER-82 and TEBER-81 guidance kits. Anticipated to weigh around 7 tons, the Anka-3 is projected to be powered by an AI-322 or equivalent turbofan engine, ensuring high performance and reliability.

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