UAC Initiates Development of New MiG-UTS Trainer Aircraft for Pilot Training

YAK-130's AI-222-25 engine has been selected for the new trainer aircraft
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  • 06:46 AM, December 29, 2023
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UAC Initiates Development of New MiG-UTS Trainer Aircraft for Pilot Training

In a move aimed at addressing concerns over the suitability and operational costs of current pilot training aircraft, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has commenced the development of a new training complex featuring the single-engine MiG-UTS aircraft.

The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance the efficiency of pilot training by introducing a cost-effective and easily maintainable single-engine version of the MiG-UTS aircraft. Expressing reservations about the current training aircraft, Sergei Korotkov, General Designer and Deputy General Director of PJSC UAC, emphasized the need for a more effective training tool to prepare flight and technical personnel.

“We have great doubts about supporting the operation of the aircraft on which the main training of pilots is carried out today. Therefore, a new training tool is required that will allow us to effectively train flight and technical personnel,” said Korotkov.

The decision to create a single-engine version is driven by the intention to reduce operational costs, making it more affordable both to operate and maintain. Deputy Managing Director of the Operational Tactical Aviation Design Bureau and Chief Designer of the OKB Andrey Nedosekin highlighted the commitment to developing an economical training aircraft that fully meets the requirements for the basic training stage.

“We are creating the cheapest, easiest to operate – both to pilot and to maintain – single-engine aircraft that fully meets the requirements for the basic training stage,” stated Nedosekin.

The design team, led by Chief Designer of the MiG-UTS training complex Alexei Shukaylo, meticulously considered engine options available in Russia. The AI-222-25 engine, currently employed in the Yak-130 aircraft and produced at the Salyut production complex of the United Engine Corporation, was ultimately selected for the new trainer aircraft.

To expedite the development process and minimize costs, designers are leveraging previous work from the Design Bureau named after A. I. Mikoyan, particularly drawing upon the MiG-AT advanced training aircraft project. The cockpit of the new MiG-UTS aircraft is based on the well-performing MiG-AT cockpit, which underwent successful testing during its development phase.

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