MBDA's Sea Ceptor for Poland's Miecznik Frigates

Sea Ceptor: 99 kg, 3.2 m length, 166 mm diameter, >25 km range—for swift naval air defense.
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  • 08:05 AM, January 13, 2024
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MBDA's Sea Ceptor for Poland's Miecznik Frigates
Miecznik-class frigate @Babcock

Poland has awarded a contract to MBDA for the installation of the Sea Ceptor naval air defense system on the country's three new Miecznik-class frigates.

The Sea Ceptor system is known for safeguarding naval vessels against contemporary air and surface threats, including supersonic anti-ship missiles and unmanned surface vessels.

The contract marks a strategic milestone, building upon the existing collaboration between MBDA and Poland centered around MBDA's CAMM family of air defense missiles. Leveraging the interoperability of CAMM, designed for both land and maritime domains, Poland plans to utilize its pre-existing stockpiles of CAMM missiles efficiently. The innovative quadpacking solution in the Mk41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) will facilitate seamless integration, ensuring a high load-out and enhancing platform survivability.

In a bid to foster sovereign missile capabilities in Poland, MBDA is working in tandem with PGZ under the NAREW program. This collaboration is characterized by transfer of knowledge and technology, positioning Poland as a key player in the realm of advanced missile systems. The utilization of the CAMM family across the PILICA+, NAREW, and Miecznik programs is anticipated to drive operational efficiencies for Poland, simultaneously propelling the local defense industry and creating job opportunities.

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