ZALA Develops Optical-Electronic Systems for Helicopters, Drones

ZALA's project produced a system with an OES, combining Full HD video and thermal imaging for helicopter-based aerial monitoring.
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  • 09:16 AM, February 22, 2024
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ZALA Develops Optical-Electronic Systems for Helicopters, Drones

The ZALA division has announced the completion of its first project - a multifunctional hardware and software complex featuring optical-electronic systems (OES) designed for manned aircraft, as well as light, medium, and heavy-class UAVs.

An aircraft's optical-electronic system serves as a crucial tool responsible for collecting real-time data. The project has resulted in the development of a multifunctional hardware and software complex, incorporating an OES. This system includes a combined Full HD video camera and thermal imager, facilitating aerial monitoring from helicopters.

The complex is further equipped with a three-axis electromagnetic gyro-stabilized platform for image stabilization. Importantly, the installation of this complex on a helicopter does not necessitate any modification to the aircraft's design. It comes fitted with its own battery, providing an operational life exceeding 12 hours.

Both the OES and CN (Control Node) can be outfitted with a range of features, including video, photo, and multispectral cameras, high-resolution thermal imagers, and other sensors. This configuration allows for a broad spectrum of applications and adaptability to various operational requirements.

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