France Provided €3.8B Worth Weapons to Ukraine since 2022

France supplied military equipment to Ukraine worth €2.615 billion and also contributed a €1.2 billion donation to the European Peace Fund (EFF).
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France Provided €3.8B Worth Weapons to Ukraine since 2022
Caesar self-propelled artillery

France has disclosed a comprehensive list of military aid provided to Ukraine since the conflict escalated in 2022, totaling €3.8 billion, including Caesar self-propelled artillery units, Mistral MANPADS and drones.

The French defense ministry has released detailed information on the extensive military assistance, covering a wide range of weapons systems, protective gear, communication equipment, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

According to official data, the total value of military equipment supplied by France to Ukraine amounts to €2.615 billion. In addition, France made a donation of €1.2 billion to the European Peace Fund (EFF), significantly elevating its overall support to Ukraine to €3.8 billion. This aid covers the period from February 24, 2022, to the end of December 2023.

The comprehensive list of aid includes a diverse range of items, such as small arms, personal protective equipment, artillery, air defense systems, armored vehicles, trucks, boats, drones, fuel, and more. Some details, particularly regarding the quantity of certain units, remain classified.

Notable contributions include 250 VAB armored personnel carriers, 38 AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicles, 9,000 rounds of ammunition for 105 mm cannons, 120 SUVs, and six trucks.

By the end of 2023, Paris transferred 30 Caesar self-propelled artillery units, six 155 mm TRF1 howitzers, four LRU rocket launchers, and 10 120 mm mortars to Kyiv. The artillery units were supplied with 30,000 shells. The Ukrainian military also received 1,002 AT4 hand-held disposable grenade launchers, three Milan ATGMs, and an unspecified number of missiles for these systems.

Air defense systems provided by France include two Crotale NG systems, six Mistral MANPADS, and one Franco-Italian SAMP/T air defense system. Specific details about the transferred ammunition for these systems are not disclosed. Additionally, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the Ground Master 200 (GM200) radar to enhance their air defense capabilities.

France also contributed to Ukraine's air-to-surface capabilities, although the exact number of SCALP EG cruise missiles supplied remains undisclosed.

In terms of small arms, France delivered 55 7.62 mm machine guns, 560 12.7 mm machine guns, 1,000 Famas assault rifles, and 20 sniper rifles. Significant quantities of ammunition, including 1.7 million cartridges of 12.7 mm caliber, 1.1 million cartridges for small arms (9 mm and 5.56 mm), as well as 10.5 thousand grenades and 3.6 thousand anti-tank rounds, were provided.

Moreover, Paris contributed 160 drones, 10 drone detection systems, and 30 Zodiacs Futura inflatable boats to enhance Ukraine's reconnaissance and maritime capabilities. Additional items of military aid encompass fuel, personal protective equipment such as bulletproof vests and helmets, as well as first-aid kits, communication, and navigation equipment.

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