Poland Receives First Ex-U.A.E. Air Force Saab 340 Early Warning Aircraft

Poland and Saab signed a contract for the aircraft in July 2023
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  • 09:04 AM, March 7, 2024
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Poland Receives First Ex-U.A.E. Air Force Saab 340 Early Warning Aircraft
DRLV Saab 340 AEW aircraft @Pawel Bejda

The first Saab 340 AEW DRLV aircraft, out of a two-unit delivery for the Polish Air Force, has landed at an airfield in Poland, as reported by State Secretary Pawel Bejda from the Ministry of National Defense.

Following its arrival, the aircraft will undergo preparations for operational deployment by the Polish air component. It will be jointly utilized by the Polish Air Force and Naval Aviation of the Fleet.

Assigned the flight number "3401," the aircraft is expected to commence flights in the coming weeks. The emblem of the Gdynia Naval Aviation Brigade is prominently displayed on the nose of the aircraft. Poland's acquisition of these aircraft is part of a contract signed between the government and Saab company in July 2023.

It's important to note that the aircraft received by Poland are pre-owned, having served in the U.A.E. Air Force from 2010 to 2020. Saab conducted overhauls on both the aircraft and radar equipment, officially presenting them to Polish representatives and the media in September 2023.

Despite being used, the Saab 340B AEWs feature a modern suite of radio electronics, particularly the PS-890 Erieye AFAR (Active Phased Array Antenna). The Erieye provides a coverage of 300 degrees, an instrumental range of 450 km, and an operational detection range of 350 km, even under conditions of strong radar jamming by the enemy. Developed using a modern element base with gallium nitride (GaN) from Saab, the radar is resistant to radio interference and enhances the detection range of inconspicuous air targets by 70%, allowing the identification of cruise missiles.

With two DRLV aircraft available, alternating patrols over the country's airspace and the Baltic Sea waters, to which Russia has access, will be facilitated. The aircraft are equipped to detect both air and surface targets. Additionally, while traversing the airspace of Baltic countries, these planes will extend their reach into Russian territory for enhanced airspace monitoring.

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