Russian Plant Upgrades Machine Gun Remote Control Platform

The device was developed in two months in 2023, at the direct request of frontline soldiers.
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  • 04:53 AM, March 27, 2024
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Russian Plant Upgrades Machine Gun Remote Control Platform
Machine Gun Remote Control Platform @Rostec

Signal, a subsidiary of Concern Radioelectronic Technologies, has upgraded its machine gun remote control platform with the latest camera technology, improved control features, and customizable options, aiming to provide frontline soldiers with enhanced precision and safety in combat zones.

The modules were modified to take into account their use in a special operation zone. A batch of improved products has already been transferred to a military unit taking part in combat operations, Rostec announced in a statement today.

The module allows you to control a 7.62mm tank machine gun from a safe distance. It is equipped with a high-resolution video camera with stabilization in two planes and powerful zoom. The operator controls the platform using a terminal consisting of an LCD monitor and a joystick.

“In real-time, the platform allows you to observe the target and conduct targeted shooting at a great distance. At the same time, the installation can be retrofitted with a thermal imager, a night vision device, a rangefinder, and personal security cameras, which are placed along the perimeter of the positions,” noted Andrey Kocherga, General Director of Signal PJSC.

The device was developed in 2023 at the direct request of frontline soldiers. In two months, designers from Stavropol enterprises, in close coordination with customer representatives, managed to produce the first sample. At the end of last year, several modules, with the assistance of the regional branch of the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Russia, were transferred to the special operation zone.

“The development appeared thanks to the enthusiasm and initiative of the designers who responded to the request from the front line. To date, the installation has been modified taking into account the test cycle and use in a combat situation in the air defense zone. Basically, design changes were made to the mechanical components of the unit, which gave it greater reliability and practicality,” explained Alexander Babkin, deputy head of the design bureau of the Signal plant.

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