Rostec Firm to Produce 1M Drone Electric Motors Annually

These type of power plants are used in aircraft drones, industry and mechanical engineering.
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  • 03:26 AM, April 5, 2024
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Rostec Firm to Produce 1M Drone Electric Motors Annually

The Radioelectronic Technologies Concern, a Rostec subsidiary, plans to produce over 1 million brushless electric motors annually for drones, industrial machinery, and mechanical engineering.

The production of these electric motors takes place at the Ulan-Ude Instrument-Making Production Association (U-UPPO), which is part of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET). These motors are manufactured entirely from domestic components and boast a lighter weight and higher efficiency compared to their foreign counterparts, Rostec has claimed. This lightweight design enables the installation of additional attachments on drones, while the motors' features contribute to their durability and longevity.

Vladimir Luchnikov, General Director of U-UPPO, highlighted the progress, stating, "Currently, U-UPPO has launched production of four variations of brushless electric motors. We are currently finalizing the design and technological documentation for mass production. Our plans include expanding to ten additional motor variations and introducing a full line of commutator motors. This initiative will significantly enhance Russia's import independence and technological sovereignty."

The electric motors produced by U-UPPO are named after the Baikal winds, including "Sarma," "Barguzin," "Khius," and "Kultuk," each differentiated by various parameters such as power. For instance, the Sarma electric motor can lift drones weighing up to 11 kilograms.

Moreover, the project at the Ulan-Ude Instrument-Making Association aims to establish a Russian center of competence for modern microelectric machines, spanning electric motors, resolvers, sine-cosine transformers, generators, and integrators across diverse industries.

Currently, KRET is the sole enterprise in Siberia and the Far East specializing in the development of modern brushless and stepper electric motors and generators.

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