Israeli Airstrike Targets Hamas Commander Hatem Alramery in Gaza

Alramery served as the Head of Hamas’ Emergency Bureau in the Gaza Central Camps
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  • 10:18 AM, April 9, 2024
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Israeli Airstrike Targets Hamas Commander Hatem Alramery in Gaza

In a targeted airstrike carried out on Monday night, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) eliminated Hatem Alramery, a senior Hamas commander responsible for overseeing operations in the Gaza Central Camps.

This operation was confirmed by the IDF on Tuesday morning.

Alramery, who served as the Head of Hamas’ Emergency Bureau in the Gaza Central Camps, was known for his involvement in coordinating rocket launches within Hamas’s Maghazi Battalion. The IDF, utilizing intelligence provided by the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate, executed the strike that resulted in Alramery's demise.

According to IDF reports, Alramery previously served as an operative within the al-Qassam Brigades, focusing on projectile launches within the Maghazi Battalion of the Central Camps.

This targeted airstrike was part of a broader Israeli military operation in Gaza. The IDF also reported the elimination of another individual described as a 'terrorist' in central Gaza, alleged to have directly participated in the October 7 massacre in the Khan Yunis area.

In conjunction with ground operations conducted by the IDF's Nahal Brigade's combat team, which engaged rebels in short-range battles employing aircraft and sniper fire, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) also took action against military buildings utilized by Hamas. These locations were identified as rocket launching positions.

Throughout the past day, the Israeli Air Force continued to carry out strikes on military compounds, launch posts, and various terrorist infrastructure sites across Gaza.

Notably, Israel has begun withdrawing the majority of its ground forces from the Gaza Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced plans for an invasion of Rafah, described as Hamas’s last stronghold in southern Gaza.

"Victory requires entering Rafah and eliminating the terrorist battalions there. This will happen. There is a date," Netanyahu stated in a video message, without specifying the exact timing of the invasion.

Netanyahu emphasized the ongoing efforts to achieve strategic goals, including the release of Israeli hostages and achieving complete victory over Hamas.

Currently, an estimated four Hamas battalions remain in Rafah, along with approximately one million Palestinians displaced by the conflict.

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