Turkey’s Aselsan Showcases Modernization Package for Chilean Leopard 2 Tanks

Leopard 2 modernization includes advanced upgrades to fire control, optics, and defense systems.
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  • 06:43 AM, April 12, 2024
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Turkey’s Aselsan Showcases Modernization Package for Chilean Leopard 2 Tanks
Chilean Leopard 2A4CHL battle tanks @Famae

Turkey's Aselsan unveiled a modernization package for upgrading the Chilean Army's Leopard 2A4CHL main battle tanks at the FIDAE 2024 exhibition in Chile.

In July 2023, Aselsan and the local company Famae signed an agreement to undertake the Leopard modernization project. Although the contract's value was not officially disclosed, Aselsan announced on July 17 that it had finalized a $123.5 million contract with an international customer. This contract includes technology transfer, enabling the Chilean company to maintain its armored vehicle fleet independently in the future.

Chile acquired nearly 150 Leopard 2A4 tanks in the mid-2000s. The upgraded CHL version features new sights and a fire control system, with the highlight being the Rhl 120/L55 cannon, also utilized in the newer Leopard 2A6 model. The extended barrel of the cannon significantly improves range and armor-piercing capabilities.

A prototype of the modernization package for the Leopard 2 was exhibited at FIDAE 2024.

As per reports, the tank modernization includes upgrades such as the adoption of Aselsan's VOLKAN fire control system, integration of an SARP-type Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) for enhanced firepower, and the incorporation of elements from the KARTALGÖZÜ series into the gunner's optics. Additionally, laser and missile warning systems have been installed to detect Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs), and an electro-optical system has been added to improve the commander's situational awareness.

Turkey’s Aselsan Showcases Modernization Package for Chilean Leopard 2 Tanks
Model showcasing upgrades to Chilean Leopard tank at FIDAE-2024 @via Turkish media

Aselsan recently established its ASELSAN Latin America office in Santiago, Chile, and actively participated in the FIDAE 2024 exhibition, showcasing products like the GÖZDE Laser+GPS guidance kit, ASELFLIR-500 electro-optical system, Helicopter EW System, TOLUN small-diameter bomb, and PULAT fixed-type active protection system.

These upgrades significantly enhance the tanks' engagement and sensor capabilities, with additional features including upgraded gunner and commander optics, a battle management system (BMS), 360-degree situational awareness, improved driver vision, electric turret drives, and a defensive suite including identification friend or foe (IFF) and laser warning system (LWS), potentially including a Pulat or Akkor active protection system (APS) in future phases of the modernization process.

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