New Batch of Su-35 Jets Handed over to Russian Air Force; Engine Upgrade Possible

An engine upgrade for the Su-35 has been hinted by Rostec, the parent company of UAC.
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  • 07:07 AM, April 12, 2024
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New Batch of Su-35 Jets Handed over to Russian Air Force; Engine Upgrade Possible
Sukhoi Su-35S fighter @Rostec

A new batch of Su-35 fighter jets, the first for 2024, was handed over to the Russian Aerospace Forces by United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), according to a press release from its parent company, Rostec.

Significantly, Rostec has hinted at an engine upgrade for the Su-57. The release stated, “The machine is transitional to fifth-generation aviation systems. A power plant based on new engines with a digital control system and controlled thrust vectoring can significantly improve the flight performance and maneuverability of the aircraft.”

The engine under consideration could be the Article 30 powerplant from the Su-57. While a few units of the Su-57 have been equipped with the Article 30 engine, which offers higher thrust compared to the current Al-41F engine used in both the Su-57 and the Su-35.

This reflects a trend of upgrading engines in existing fighter aircraft to enhance performance. At the Army 2023 show, a Su-30SM aircraft fitted with the Al-41F engine was unveiled, marking an upgrade from its previous Al-31F powerplant.

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