Hungary to Soon Receive Czech-made L-39NG Aircraft?

In 2022, Hungary signed a contract for the purchase of 12 new L-39NG trainers.
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  • 06:27 AM, April 15, 2024
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Hungary to Soon Receive Czech-made L-39NG Aircraft?
L-39NG aircraft shipment @Aero Vodochody

Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody recently announced the shipment of L-39NG aircraft and a ground simulation training system to an undisclosed customer, likely Hungary.

Aero Vodochody completed a logistical operation involving the loading of 22 trucks with L-39NG aircraft and related equipment for its customer. This operation featured the loading of already manufactured leading edges for the Airbus A220.

"The delivery of the L-39NG aircraft to the customer is a comprehensive service that includes the aircraft itself, ground training equipment, spare parts, and various other accessories. Additionally, it encompasses a package of services for pilot and ground staff training, involving familiarization and test flights," explained Viktor Sotona, Chairman and CEO of Aero Vodochody. "Prior to shipment, a team from the customer, including pilots, will visit Vodochody to conduct test flights under the supervision of our factory pilot."

Although the customer's name was not disclosed, signs point to Hungary as the recipient. In 2022, Hungary signed a contract for the purchase of 12 new L-39NG trainers. The Czech Republic itself ordered four new L-39NGs for basic and advanced pilot training within the Czech Air Force in 2022. Given the logistical challenges encountered during delivery, it's likely that the number of aircraft to be delivered exceeds four.

In 2021, both Ghana and Vietnam purchased 12 and 6 L-39NG jets respectively. Vietnam received its first batch of L-39NGs in late 2023, while the delivery status to Ghana remains undisclosed.

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