German Army Awards Rheinmetall €400M to Develop Intercom with Hearing Protection

The intercom with hearing protection will enhance communication and safety for German forces in various operational environments.
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  • 12:18 PM, April 24, 2024
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German Army Awards Rheinmetall €400M to Develop Intercom with Hearing Protection

Rheinmetall has secured a seven-year contract with the Bundeswehr to supply up to 191,000 sets of the “intercom with hearing protection function” valued at up to €400 million.

The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag had imposed conditions on the project. A firm order for 30,000 sets, including connection cables, with delivery scheduled for 2024, has been placed. Additionally, a call-off for the delivery of another 30,000 sets in 2025 is anticipated. These two delivery batches, financed from a special fund, will have a net value of up to around €140 million.

The "intercom with hearing protection function" (abbreviated as SmG in German, for “Sprechsatz mit Gehörschutz-function”) includes modern active capsule ear protection that attenuates harmful impulse noise and amplifies quiet sounds. It also features a microphone and can be connected to various radio devices to enable radio communication. In addition to the combined headset, the supply scope includes various push-to-talk (PTT) buttons and different cable sets for connecting to a range of radios and on-board communication systems.

Rheinmetall has engaged two manufacturers as subcontractors for the project: 3M Peltor with the ComTac VIII headset and CeoTronics AG with CT-Multi PTT 1C and 3C. The SmG is compatible with the Rheinmetall-supplied new combat helmet as well as other Bundeswehr helmet types.

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