Naval Group Lays Keel for Third FDI Frigate for Greece

The Hellenic Navy will receive its three frigates on order between 2025 and 2026.
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  • 05:41 AM, April 25, 2024
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Naval Group Lays Keel for Third FDI Frigate for Greece
Keel laying for Greece's third FDI frigate 'HS Formion'

French shipbuilder Naval Group announced on Wednesday that it has laid the keel for the third Hellenic defence and intervention frigate (FDI) HS Formion in Lorient on April 15.

The first Hellenic Shipn (HS), HS Kimon, was launched in October 2023, with its PSIM (Platform Management System) installed in November, followed by harbor trials beginning in early March and the Electrical Distribution system powering up the ship. By the end of March, the CMS (Combat Management System) was powered up on board with the latest version featuring many Hellenic Navy-specific capabilities. The installation of the first 2 Aster 30 Vertical Launching Systems (A50 - Sylver) was completed in early April. In the second half of 2024, HS Kimon's will perform First Sea Going trial and HS Nearchos will be launched.

HS Nearchos' PSIM has been transferred to its shore-testing area for a 5-month test period, during which various system setups will be performed. The PSIM will then be installed onboard HS Nearchos a few days after the frigate's launch.

Meanwhile, HS Formion’s PSIM is currently undergoing pre-outfitting. Cabling and equipment outfitting will commence soon. The final hull block is under construction at Salamis Shipyards and is scheduled for delivery in July.

All three frigates are expected to be delivered between 2025 and 2026.

In February, Greece’s Salamis Shipyards delivered several pre-outfitted hull blocks built in Greece on Salamina island using technology transferred by Naval Group. These blocks are now being assembled in Lorient with the other blocks of HS Formion.

The FDI HS frigate can perform anti-ship, anti-air, antisubmarine warfare, and special forces missions. It features radar, sonar, and electronic warfare systems developed by Thales.

In terms of armament, the FDI frigate is equipped with a significant arsenal, including Aster and Exocet missiles, RAM missiles, MU90 torpedoes, a 76 mm gun, and torpedo tubes. These weapons are complemented by CANTO countermeasures from Naval Group.

Physically, the FDI frigate boasts a displacement of 4,500 tons, measuring around 122 meters in length and 18 meters in width, with a maximum speed of 27 knots. Its aviation facilities enable the operation of a 10-ton class helicopter and VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles.

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