Ukrainian Drones Mine Roads Behind Russian Lines Affecting Re-supply, Reinforcements

The mines dropped by these drones can function as intended or as powerful bombs, equipped with smart detonators that activate shortly after landing and last up to 14 days
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  • 05:53 AM, April 30, 2024
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Ukrainian Drones Mine Roads Behind Russian Lines Affecting Re-supply, Reinforcements
Multirotor drone armed with TM-62 anti-tank mine.

Ukrainian defense forces have disrupted the logistics and tactical operations of occupying forces by utilizing large unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to remotely mine roads and battle lines deep within enemy territory.

According to a report from "Military," Ukrainian units operating unmanned aviation complexes have been deploying drones to drop 10-kilogram TM-62 anti-tank mines or their local equivalents onto key roads in the rear of occupying forces. These mines, typically used for ground-based purposes, are repurposed when dropped from drones to serve as powerful bombs capable of inflicting damage on fortifications and enemy vehicles.

The Ukrainian military employs multi-rotor drones, notably the Vampire, equipped with thermal imaging optics for precise nighttime operations. Despite their size and noise, these drones are strategically used under the cover of darkness to minimize the risk of detection and interception by enemy forces.

Serhii Flesh, an expert in radio technologies, highlighted the effectiveness of this tactic, citing an example where an armored personnel carrier was destroyed shortly after a road was mined. "For example, the enemy's sappers checked the road at 19:00, in a few hours we already dropped a mine there, and in an hour Russian armored vehicles were blown up on it," Flesh explained.

The mines dropped by drones are outfitted with electric "smart" detonators that activate upon landing and remain dormant until triggered by specific conditions such as the presence of large metal objects or movement. This sophisticated technology, comprising gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer sensors, ensures precise detonation at the optimal moment.

Despite countermeasures by the occupiers, including setting up acoustic control posts to detect incoming drones, Ukrainian forces remain vigilant. They actively track and neutralize these threats, leveraging their own drone capabilities to disrupt enemy operations.

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