Hanwha Ocean Forges Tripartite Partnership for Canadian Patrol Submarine Project

Canada wants to procure new submarine to replace the Navy's Victoria-class
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  • 07:12 AM, June 5, 2024
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Hanwha Ocean Forges Tripartite Partnership for Canadian Patrol Submarine Project
Canadian Navy's HMCS Victoria 876 submarine

Hanwha Ocean has solidified collaboration agreements with three Canadian companies - CAE Inc., Curtiss-Wright Indal Technologies, and GASTOPS - to pursue involvement in the upcoming Canadian Patrol Submarine Project competition.

The agreements were formally established during the CANSEC-2024 exhibition held on May 29-30.

Expanding upon existing partnerships initiated during the 'Deep Blue Forum 2023,' Hanwha Ocean intensified its collaboration with CAE Inc. by entering into a Teaming Agreement, surpassing the scope of prior Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). Additionally, MOUs were signed with Curtiss-Wright Indal Technologies for joint endeavors concerning towed array sonar operation systems and with GASTOPS for cooperative efforts on propulsion system control, modeling, and simulation.

The collaboration is anticipated to encompass various aspects, including technology exchange, joint research and development initiatives, and endeavors to broaden market presence.

The Canadian government's initiative aims to procure a new submarine to replace the existing Victoria-class submarines within its navy. South Korea's emergence as the fifth country globally to export submarines and the eighth to independently develop 3,000-ton class.

A notable feat in South Korea's submarine technology is the Jangbogo-III (KSS-III) submarine, which integrates an Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) system with lithium-ion batteries, marking it as the world's first of its kind.

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