Patria Unveils New Armored Tracked All-Terrain Platform ‘FAMOUS’ at Eurosatory

The ‘Famous’ could replace the Finnish army’s Soviet MT-LB vehicles in the future
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  • 12:46 PM, June 17, 2024
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Patria Unveils New Armored Tracked All-Terrain Platform ‘FAMOUS’ at Eurosatory
Prototype of Patria's 'Famous' tracked APC at Eurosatory-2024

Finnish armored vehicle manufacturer Patria introduced ‘FAMOUS,’ a new armored tracked all-terrain platform at the ongoing Eurosatory-2024 exhibition in Paris.

The FAMOUS boasts wide tracks designed to ensure exceptional cross-country speed, particularly on snowy and marshy terrains. Notably, the vehicle's layout includes a relocated engine-transmission compartment to the front, resulting in increased space within the armored compartment and accommodating more seats for the squad.

One of the features of the FAMOUS is its integration of a remotely controlled combat module equipped with a heavy machine gun, reminiscent of the renowned Australian R400S RWS from EOS Defence. While specific performance characteristics remain undisclosed, it is apparent that the vehicle's protection is tailored to withstand debris and light infantry weapons.

Patria Unveils New Armored Tracked All-Terrain Platform ‘FAMOUS’ at Eurosatory

The genesis of the FAMOUS platform traces back to the EDIDP FAMOUS programs and collaborative efforts within the EDF FAMOUS 2 initiative, supported by the European Union. The program aims to enhance the capabilities of both new and existing armored vehicles.

Industry experts speculate that the FAMOUS could potentially succeed the Soviet MT-LB, a mainstay in the Finnish army with approximately 400 units in service. Moreover, it is anticipated that the versatile platform could replace the Swedish Bandvagn 308 all-terrain vehicles, with Patria representatives hinting at a more cost-effective solution compared to existing models.

Patria opned a new factory for armored vehicle production in Latvia in May of this year.

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