Brazilian Army Destroys 11 Illegal Runways

The runways are used to land aircraft by mining gangs and environmental criminals in the in the Campos Novos region.
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  • 09:11 AM, July 10, 2024
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Brazilian Army Destroys 11 Illegal Runways
Operation CATRIMANI II @Brazil MoD

In an operation aimed at curbing illegal mining and environmental crimes, troops from Operation CATRIMANI II destroyed 11 illegal runways used for aircraft in the Yanomami Indigenous Land (TIY).

Conducted between July 3 and 7 in the Campos Novos region, the mission marked a crucial step in disrupting logistical support for illicit activities, Brazilian defense ministry said in a statement .

In collaboration with the Government House of Roraima, the operation involved joint efforts from the Armed Forces, the National Force, and IBAMA. Following extensive intelligence operations, military personnel from the Catrimani Joint Command rendered the 11 runways inoperable. Despite logistical challenges posed by the Amazonian terrain, the teams executed the mission.

The operation utilized specialized engineering equipment, including excavators, to dismantle the runways. Each site was rendered unusable through the creation of deep trenches, strategically placed every 100 meters with depths up to 2 meters. This measure effectively prevents any aircraft from landing, reinforcing the efforts to disrupt illegal activities.

Since April, Operation Catrimani II has conducted over two thousand approaches within the Yanomami Indigenous Land, aimed at preventing and combating illegal mining, environmental crimes, and transnational illicit activities. In June, another successful eviction operation targeted an illegal mining site near Surucucu in the Xitei region.

Operation CATRIMANI II remains a collaborative initiative involving Public Security bodies, agencies, and the Armed Forces, coordinated with the Government House of Roraima. This operation is conducted under Ordinance GM-MD No. 1511, issued on March 26, 2024, focusing on proactive measures against illegal mining, cross-border crimes, and environmental offenses in the Yanomami Indigenous Land.