New Armored Vehicle Launches At DSEI 2013 Represents Enhanced Land Warfare Capabilities

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  • 02:51 PM, September 13, 2013
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New Armored Vehicle Launches At DSEI 2013 Represents Enhanced Land Warfare Capabilities
Oshkosh, BAE Systems, Patria, Nexter Systems and AmSafe display new generation of armoured vehicles with a variety of features aimed at urban and close-combat warfare.
DSEi 2013 began with the unveiling of Oshkosh Defense’s TerraMax unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that the company developed as part of a U.S Marine Corps contract it won in 2010. By 2015, the one-third of the U.S army’s armored vehicles fleet will be unmanned.
The TerraMax UGV is vehicle kit system that advances perception, localization and motion planning to protect Warfighters from IED threats and increase performance in autonomous missions. It is integrated with a multimodal sensor suite consisting of a high definition LIDAR system and with the military grade global navigation satellite system (GNSS) along with map registration software technology ensures the operation of the system without a satellite signal where a global positioning system (GPS) navigation system is blocked or denied.
The TerraMax UGV operator control unit (OCU) facilitates semi-autonomous commands and remote control or tele-operation. The OCU selectively displays overhead map data and multiple video feeds in a familiar picture-in-picture format.
BAE systems introduced its Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle, the latest vehicle to be accepted into service with the British Army with four Terrier Mission crew trainers (MCT) under development.
Likened to a combat ‘Swiss Army Knife’, the Terrier has been designed with an integrated electronic architecture which facilitates ‘drive-by-wire’ and remote control making the vehicle highly capable, survivable and adaptable.
It is the first combat vehicle with drive-by-wire technology and “special to role” computers which manage the automotive and combat engineer systems respectively allowing electronic signals sent by the vehicle’s computers to perform functions and also fitted with a 7.62mm general purpose machine gun while electric smoke grenade launchers provide 360 degree coverage.
The British army will induct 60 vehicles worth $350 million by 2014.
Patria has also introduced a new armored wheeled vehicle concept based on the Patria AMV (armoured modular vehicle).
The new vehicle concept has many unique features which has flexibility through modularity, payload efficiency – 13 ton payload at 30 ton gross vehicle, superior performance – based on combat proven solution with upgraded power line and a new integrated terrain control system and firepower to match – an ideal platform for weapon systems up to 120 mm including also Patria Nemo 120 mm mortar system.
Nexter Systems put TITUS, a new armoured wheeled vehicle, on display this year.  TITUS offers an exceptional mobility through its Tatra 6x6 chassis coupled with a 440Hp engine. Wrapped with an armored skin of last generation, from level 2 to level 4, TITUS is also protected against mines (4a/4b) and IEDs blasts (up to 150kg), by the original Nexter SAFEPRO design.
TITUS can be equipped with Remote Control Weapon Station from 7,62mm to 20mm, and 40mm Grenade Launchers as well, depending on the level of threats. All of them are coupled with thermal sensors of last generation and Laser Range Finders.
Two Light Machine Guns can be added on the rear top of the vehicle. TITUS is fully integrated within the C4I network through last generation vetronics.
Amsafe has also displayed its Tarian lightweight armour system in a service-ready standard on the Navistar Husky vehicle for the first time at DSEi.
The mesh cage-like armour is designed to protect vehicles from attacks from rocket-propelled grenades and was developed by Amsafe in response to a military requirement for an alternative to heavier traditional metal bar RPG protection systems.
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