Serbia to Modernize 11 Mi-35 Attack Helicopters

November 27, 2023 @ 11:01 AM

Serbia has announced the modernization of 11 Russian-origin Mi-35 attack helicopters six of which be modernized by January...

30 NATO Peacekeepers in Kosovo Injured during “Violent Clashes” with Ethnic-Serbians

May 30, 2023 @ 11:39 AM

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has announced that 30 soldiers from Kosovo Force (KFOR) have been injured...

Serbia to Buy Loitering Munitions From U.A.E.

February 23, 2023 @ 08:28 AM


Serbia to Produce UAVs due to Ukraine War-Caused Delays

January 17, 2023 @ 09:21 AM

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said delays in the supply of weapons caused by Ukraine War has pushed the...

Serbian Minister Visits Dassault Facility Amidst Rafale Aircraft Purchase Plans

June 16, 2022 @ 04:36 PM

Serbian Minister of Defense Nebojsa Stefanovic visited the Dassault Aviation Development Center near Paris on Wednesday amidst plans...


Serbia to Unveil 'Pegasus' Attack Drone Made in Partnership with China

May 2, 2022 @ 12:30 PM

Serbia will present for the first time its attack drone, 'Pegasus' which has been developed and manufactured in...

Serbia Unveils Chinese-made FK-3 Air Defense System

May 1, 2022 @ 05:14 PM

Serbia displayed its Chinese-made FK-3 air defense missile system for the first time on Saturday consisting of missiles,...

Serbia Negotiating with France, UK, Others for Fighter jets, to Use MiG-29s till End-of-Service

April 18, 2022 @ 06:10 PM

While Serbia is negotiating with France for Rafale and with the U.K

Serbia Becomes First European Nation To Acquire Chinese Air Defense System

April 14, 2022 @ 09:29 AM

Serbia has procured Chinese FK-3 air defense missile system (ADS), its President Aleksandar Vučić confirmed on Wednesday, local...

Serbia Prefers Turkish Bayraktar UAVs Over Chinese Ch-95 for Attack Drone Requirement

April 11, 2022 @ 11:52 AM

Serbia has sought Turkey-made Bayraktar UAVs over Chinese Ch-95 drones for its attack drone requirement, its President Aleksandar...

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