Chinese Firm Shows Five Radar Early Warning Systems at Airshow China 2018

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  • 06:29 PM, November 5, 2018
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Chinese Firm Shows Five Radar Early Warning Systems at Airshow China 2018
China Electronic Technology Group Corporation_radar

Five major radar early warning systems for anti-missile operations, space attack and defense, joint theater operations, ocean warfare and global surveillance and combat were unveiled at the Airshow China 2018 today.

The China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) which developed the systems said that the radars will provide users with overall detection and perception solutions.

They can integrate land, sea, air and space domains to enable radar coverage of “every corner of the world,” CETC officials were quoted as saying by state-owned Global Times newspaper

With multi-source integration and comprehensive integration, the systems also integrate information with firepower.

The anti-missile early warning system is meant to acquire full-process intelligence of targeted ballistic missiles to support strategic counterattacks and anti-missile operations. The space attack and defense early warning system supports such attacks with high-precision and awareness of space targets.

The joint theater early warning system receives high-quality information by integrating multiple sources, thus capable of guiding firepower systems to implement multi-layer and dimensional air control and interception operations.

The ocean early warning system is based on a cooperative detection system while accessing space-based information. It achieves all-round, large-airspace intelligence perception and weapons information protection, supporting remote sea operations.

The global surveillance and combat warning system continuously enhances reconnaissance, mapping, early warning and surveillance capabilities of space-based platforms. It can also support the monitoring and rapid strikes of large-area, high-value targets around the world.

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