Russian Tank Destroyed in France-Supplied HPD Mine in Ukraine

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  • 08:32 AM, July 11, 2022
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Russian Tank Destroyed in France-Supplied HPD Mine in Ukraine
French-made HPD mine explodes when Russian tank passes over it @kms_d4k

Ukraine’s armed forces have taken out a Russian tank using a French HPD-2A2 anti-tank mine.

Photos with Haut Pouvoir de Destruction (HPD) series mines were released by a Ukrainian military officer on Twitter who said they were delivered to them by France. The me gets triggered by an induction sensor that detonates a cumulative charge when an enemy vehicle passes by.

The official also published a video featuring a Russian tank destroyed on this mine.

HPD-2A2 is capable of penetrating 150 mm armor and can be hidden at a depth of up to 1.5m. It includes a protection device sensitive to movement and signals coming from mine detectors.

Russian Tank Destroyed in France-Supplied HPD Mine in Ukraine
HPD-2A2 anti-tank mines @kms_d4k

The military will set a time (4-96 hours) for the mine to explode, and if that doesn’t happen, then it self-destructs. If they have not set a duration and have just armed it, then the mine will wait for 30 days and neutralize itself.

The design of the mine allows it to be removed after self-neutralization and sent to the factory for re-equipment.

HPD-2A2 is produced under license in Switzerland for the Swiss Army as “Panzerabwehrmine 88”.

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