BAE Systems Delivers Upgraded CV90s Infantry Fighting Vehicles to the Netherlands

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  • 08:32 AM, October 11, 2022
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BAE Systems Delivers Upgraded CV90s Infantry Fighting Vehicles to the Netherlands
CV90 infantry fighting vehicle

BAE Systems has delivered the first newly-upgraded CV90 infantry fighting vehicle fitted with a new turret to the Royal Netherlands Army.

The CV90 IFV was recently unveiled during a rollout ceremony at the BAE Systems Hägglunds facility in Sweden.

“The upgrade of the CV90 results in a state-of-the-art infantry fighting vehicle which provides more protection, a new turret, greater firepower, and a new IT infrastructure. The vehicle enhances crew operational effectiveness when facing new threats and keeping our infantry safe at the same time. It is a powerful combination of man and machine. The 122 upgraded Dutch CV90s will be futureproof,” said Vice Admiral Arie Jan de Waard, the National Armaments Director, and director of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO).

The Dutch CV9035 vehicles have been equipped with several enhanced capabilities such as an Active Protection System(APS), an Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), and a new Electro-Optic Aiming System (EOPS), which provides additional situational awareness. The vehicles also include an upgraded fourth generation digital backbone, with embedded and more robust cybersecurity, to future-proof the electronics.

In January 2021, BAE Systems signed an extensive mid-life upgrade contract with the Dutch Defence Materiel Organization (DMO) for the Royal Netherlands Army’s fleet of 122 CV90s, to ensure the CV9035NL remains in service through 2039.

A key improvement is the newly-designed CV90 turret, a leap forward in capability and functionality, developed by BAE Systems Hägglunds. The main weapon position has been changed, resulting in even better vehicle balance, as well as creating new options for alternative solutions for both weaponry and crew.

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