Ukraine to Receive 30 More Czech-Modernized T-72 Tanks from African Country

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  • 01:36 PM, December 15, 2022
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Ukraine to Receive 30 More Czech-Modernized T-72 Tanks from African Country
T-72 tanks for Ukraine being upgraded at Excalibur Army plant @via Open Sources

Czech Republic’s Excalibur Army will hand over another 30 upgraded T-72 tanks to Ukraine’s armed forces soon, which have been purchased from an unnamed African country.

The modernization work will be carried out under an option for 30 additional tanks to the 90 T-72Bs already purchased, which the U.S. and the Netherlands paid for Ukraine. The first batch of U.S.-Dutch modernized T-72s is expected to go into service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in December.

The 30 armored vehicles, in very poor condition, were purchased from one of the African countries, which agreed to transfer them to Ukraine for a fee, reported. These are upgraded to the Avenger version - the new Czech modernization of the T-72M1 tank, making it comparable with 3rd generation tanks.

T-72s are/were being operated by a number of African countries: Algeria, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda.

Excalibur Army reportedly told the outlet that Ukraine will receive first five T-72s next week, while 18 more will be delivered before the end of this year.

The time taken to upgrade one tank has been reduced from 66 days. The tank is first completely dismantled, after which almost everything including armor and communication devices is replaced.

Ukraine to Receive 30 More Czech-Modernized T-72 Tanks from African Country

The T-72 Avenger has 3rd generation night vision with a range of up to 4km in passive mode to reduce the location exposure effect of night vision, in comparison to the original sight of the T-72 model that has a range of up to 800m with an easily detectable infrared light beam.

It is also equipped with reactive armor and a modern radio station and intercom with increased immunity to EW systems. Importantly, there is a GPS module for displaying navigation data and transmitting GPS coordinates. It may be especially effective in combination with other types of GPS-guided weapons provided to Ukraine by allies.

The tank has a device for overcoming watercourses by driving underwater, a device for creating smoke screens for camouflage in the field and a fire extinguisher for extinguishing fires inside the vehicle.

The armament of the tank includes the 125mm cannon which, armed with a special Czech-made armor-piercing projectile, can penetrate 500-mm armor at a distance exceeding 2km.

Previously, “Gift for Putin” collected funds to buy T-72 Avenger tank for Kyiv. In addition to the projectiles for the tank, the Czech procured various other types of ammunition, such as 122mm rockets for RM-70 Vampire 4D rocket launchers and 122mm and 152mm artillery ammunition for the Dana self-propelled systems and for the D-30 and D-20 towed howitzers.

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