Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Receives first Upgraded Mi-26T2 Heavy Helicopter

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  • 05:36 AM, December 28, 2022
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Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Receives first Upgraded Mi-26T2 Heavy Helicopter
Mi-26T2 heavy helicopter @Rostec

Rostec’s Russian Helicopters holding handed over the first modernized Mi-26T2 heavy helicopter with new on-board radio-electronic equipment (avionics) and a "glass cockpit" to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Modern equipment and new electronics have made it possible to reduce the number of crew and ensure the possibility of flights at any time of the day.

The Mi-26T2 heavy class helicopter is an upgraded version of the Mi-26T. The crew of the updated vehicle has been reduced from five to three people. The latest avionics installed on the aircraft significantly expands the operational capabilities, reduces the load on the crew and allows you to fly at any time of the day.

The new helicopter will be deployed in the Southern Aviation Rescue Center and provide security for the Southern and Central federal districts.

“We will involve the aircraft both for the transfer of airmobile groups, the evacuation of the injured, and for extinguishing natural fires,” said Alexander Kurenkov, head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

The avionics includes a modern flight and navigation system, an inertial navigation system, and a GLONASS navigation system. On-board radio-electronic equipment with a digital autopilot can not only guide the Mi-26T2 along the route, but also provide its automated landing approach with hovering at a given height.

“In one flight, the vehicle is capable of evacuating up to 82 people from the scene of a disaster, and in the sanitary version, it can transport up to 60 victims and three accompanying medical workers. Helicopters of the Mi-26 type are regularly involved in extinguishing fires. In addition, a heavy rotorcraft allows you to transport 20 tons of cargo of any configuration,” said Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy General Director of Rostec State Corporation.

Increases the convenience of piloting and the "glass cockpit" - a system for indicating the main indicators of instruments on electronic displays. The helicopter is also equipped with a ground proximity early warning system. At the same time, almost all systems are duplicated to ensure a greater level of security.

The maximum takeoff weight of the Mi-26T2 helicopter is 56 tons with a weight of 20 tons of cargo. The Mi-26T2 can climb to a height of up to 4600 meters, cruising speed of the helicopter is 255 km/h (maximum is 295 km/h). Range - 800 kilometers with a normal load (1905km - ferry range).

The agreement on the supply of the Mi-26T2 heavy helicopter for the Russian Emergencies Ministry was signed during the Army-2020 International Military-Technical Forum.

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