Belarus to get Mi-35M Helicopters, Su-30SM Fighters

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  • 12:21 PM, February 6, 2023
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Belarus to get Mi-35M Helicopters, Su-30SM Fighters
Su-30SM fighter

The armed forces of Belarus will receive from Russia a squadron of Mi-35M helicopters and Su-30SM jets within a year.

Andrei Lukyanovich, commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus, told state media Sunday that the country took delivery of a new Tor-M2 battery recently.

He said four Mi-35Ms will be delivered by April, adding that pilots have already undergone required training.

“This year, the delivery and purchase of Su-30SM aircraft is also planned. For our radio engineering troops, we will receive Belarusian-made low-altitude radar complexes Rosa, as well as Vostok radar stations. The delivery of a significant number of aviation weapons is also planned,” the Air Force commander stated further.

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