Hanwha Aerospace Invests in Israeli Start-up Making Anti-Jamming Systems

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  • 08:44 AM, May 25, 2023
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Hanwha Aerospace Invests in Israeli Start-up Making Anti-Jamming Systems
GPS-guided loitering munition @InfiniDome

Hanwha Aerospace has invested in ‘InfiniDome,’ an Israeli start-up that has 'anti-jamming' technology to respond to GPS interference.

As the jamming attack that neutralizes GPS has emerged as a new threat not only in the military sector but also in the private sector, such as delivery drones, robots, and autonomous driving, it has preemptively secured technology to respond to it.

Hanwha Aerospace announced on the 25th that it has participated in InfiniDOME's Series A investment along with Honeywell Ventures and Next Gear Ventures of the United States. Infinidom's investment this time is a total of $9 million (approximately 12 billion won), and the investment method is a conditional equity acquisition agreement (SAFE).

SAFE is an investment in the form of preemptive purchase in which the investment is paid in advance and shares are acquired at a discounted price later.

Established in June 2016, InfiniDome can produce low-power, miniaturized products with better performance at half the price compared to competitors in the anti-jamming solution market.

Hanwha Defense, which Hanwha Aerospace merged with on the 1st, has already developed its own anti-jamming technology and is producing tactical-class guided weapons and anti-jamming devices for ground vehicles. With this investment, it plans to actively preoccupy the global anti-jamming market, which will grow by 13% every year and reach $12.7 billion (approximately 17 trillion won) by 2030, in cooperation with Infinidom.   

An official from Hanwha Aerospace said, “We will contribute to national security by preemptively securing advanced anti-jamming technology and secure safety technology in the fields of private drones, robots, and self-driving cars, which are emerging as new innovative markets.”

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